About Me

When I was a kid, I was convinced that I wanted to be a scientist. The whole idea of discovery and research appealed to me immensely, as well as the lure of possible fame and wisdom (I was very young). Well, I tried my hand at that gig, and persisted for many years before finally acknowledging that life in research was not exactly what I envisioned it to be.


No, that didn’t learn me. [Source: xkcd.com, of course]

I fell into publishing pretty much by accident. It was a happy accident because being a publisher is incredible fun. These days, I get to see science and scientists from a completely different perspective, as they do me. At the same time, I put my more useful skills to use – for example, I am extremely tickled that my ability to talk the ears off people is finally coming in handy.


a.k.a. Sheba

At some point during and after this transition, I found myself diversifying my interests in the most unexpected directions. So I guess the lesson here is to never plan your life for more than a few weeks at a time.

Finally, I am responsible for all the opinions expressed here. In other words, the fault, kind readers, is entirely mine.


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